Mission statement

In October 2003, Swiss relocation professionals form own body signaling growing importance of relocation industry in Europe. It’s mission is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding corporate mobility and to enhance industry performance standards by communication and education.

Aims and objectives of the Association

  • Promote the concept of relocation
  • Promote the highest level of professionalism and service
  • Encourage its members to undertake professional training dispensed by the European Academy of Relocation Professionals, EARP
  • Serve as a link between professional associations, partners and clients
  • Track industry trends and disseminate information collated to its members
  • Be the Swiss regional representative of EuRA (the European Relocation Association)

Activities of the Association

  • Provision of support and advice for relocation professionals
  • Provision of training for members and HR Managers involved with relocation agencies
  • Conferences to provide a forum for the exchange of industry information, training, etc.
  • Publication of industry information both internally and externally
  • Creation, by lobbying and all other means, of a legal framework within which the Swiss Relocation professionals can grow and develop
  • Establishment of a 'think tank' for future development of the industry
  • Provision of advice to local and federal authorities on local infrastructure needs to maintain Switzerland’s attractiveness as a destination for multinationals and their employees.

What are relocation services ?

Relocation is both about people and their unique situations and about business expansion. Business needs are such today that it is imperative for a relocated employee to return to maximum productivity as soon as possible. If employees’ needs are not adequately met, at the end of the day, organizations fall short of optimising their ROI.


  • HR Consulting
  • Site selection/Pre-departure planning
  • Immigration
  • Property Management
  • Pre-Move Orientation
  • Home Finding and Settling-in Services
  • Schooling assistance and counseling
  • Household Goods Move Management
  • Ongoing Destination Support
  • Concierge Services
  • Furniture rental
  • Language and Cross-Cultural Training
  • Career Partner Assistance
  • Expatriate Expense Management
  • Repatriation Assistance